Wednesday, February 4, 2015


You know who she is. She is the one who picks you up when you fall, all the time laughing till you both are in a puddle of giggles. She laughs with you and cries with you and can fight with you like no other. She can be next to you or a thousand miles away but the one thing you can count on...she is ALWAYS there for you. Your Best Friend. She's My Best Friend from Wendy Tunison Designs is a kit for all ages. I see little girls in pj's snuggled under the covers telling secrets or the two of you sitting with a glass of wine. You can talk for hours or sit in silence and just know each others' thoughts. The colors, papers and element are stunning. Soft and bold at the same time. Get out there with your Bestie, that kindred spirit and have some fun, but don't forget the photos and share those memories with those you love.


Wendy created some fabulous add ons for this kit as well!


Better can grab the full bundle and get it all!


Now I know you can't wait to see the beautiful layouts our CT made with this kit!


Don't forget to check out Scraps N' Pieces by Lori & Heidi's portion of this collab while you're out shopping!


And if you're looking for some fabulous templates to go with them, check these out from Queen Wild Scraps...

Have a great day!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wendy Tunison Designs has got a fabulous new set of templates for you this week that will make creating new layouts fast and easy!  Temptations 41 is 30% off during its introductory week!
Check out the most amazing layouts our creative team made with this set and Pride and Prejudice...
T41a T41b T41c T41d T41e T41f T41g

You can also pick up Pride & Prejudice for 50% off through the end of the month!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hello 2015 and welcome to a new year at Scraps N Pieces!
Let's get right to it.  It's a long post, so be sure to scroll ALL the way through it.  Enjoy!
The SNP Designers were busy putting together a new store collab kit for you called Rise and Shine.  Grab the kit or the bundle (includes the quickpages). Use the collab kit to earn forum challenge points by posting a layout in the Collab Kit Challenge.


The Bits N Pieces color palette this month was so soft and pretty and the theme was Winter, perfect for January.

Remember, each of the product pieces sold are only $1 each the first week, through the 7th.  After that, the designers can bundle them up, and they're set at regular price.  Use any of these pieces to earn forum challenge points by posting a layout in the BNP Challenge.
Here's a look at what Wendy Tunison Designs has in the sale this month!


Take a look at the beautiful layouts our creative team was able to make with this collection!

Here's a look at what all of the designers have to offer this month!

 Whew...that was a lot, huh?  Bet you can't wait to snatch them all up and start on your layouts. ***** Take a break from the downloading and unzipping of new stuff, and join us for a speed scrap this month.

***** Be sure to check out a couple new challenges in the forum:
Featured Designer Challenge Each month, there will be 3 designers featured. Each designer will have her shop on sale for 1 week during the month. Your challenge is to create 1-3 layouts using the 3 featured designers kits. You may use products from all 3 designers on one layout, or you can do up to 3 layouts, one from each designer.
P12 Challenge Last year, we hosted a P52 challenge with weekly prompts.  This year, your project will only require you to post one layout per month with prompts (and maybe some freebies) from the hosting designer. *****
Head on over to the Scraps N Pieces blog starting January 1 (and bookmark it too). Set yourself a reminder because you will not want to miss the Pick Up The Pieces (Download A Day).  Each piece will be available for 24 hours starting on January 1st through January 31st.  On February 1st, the kits that were given away in January will be available for sale if you want to just purchase them. Then, in February, use the pieces you picked up to scrapbook a layout for our Scrap The Pieces challenge in our forum and earn points towards FREE STUFF!


Thursday, October 9, 2014


Marie H designs have a new and lovely Grab Bag that has just hit stores. Second Spring Grab Bag contains 5 full size products for only $5,49. That's over 65 % off. It contains the full kit, the extra papers, a brush pack, a journaling card pack and a Template pack. You can find it at Go Digital Scrapbooking and Daisies & Dimples


Look at all the amazing inspirational layouts that have been created with it.


Do you love freebies ? Marie H designs have for you this cluster frame created with parts of her Grab Bag. You can get it on her blog


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Want to know a way that you can win a $10 gift certificate to Karen Diamond Designs' store (CU or S4H, winner's choice)? It's simple!! Head on over to Karen Diamond Designs' website and download this month's Template Challenge, use one of her kits, and then upload it to any gallery of your liking and post the link in the comment section of the August Template Challenge on her blog. ONE lucky winner will be chosen at random.... so what are you waiting for? KDD_AugTempChall-prev

Monday, August 4, 2014


hello hello! popping in today to show you a super fun new kit from JUST FOR FUN DESIGNS called IN THE YARD. the colors of this kit are so fresh with its bright blues and greens and the elements are so cute. let's take a look......

so cute right?! love that bike...i actually have one like it that i am contemplating fixing up. here are a couple of layouts i did with this cutie.

i think you will really love this kit so go check it out....preview is linked to the store so get your butt in gear!

Friday, August 1, 2014


hello everyone. can you believe it is august already? time feels like is going faster and faster as the days go by. i have been having a bit of a rough time with my anxiety....noise has become once again a pretty major issue for me. sadly we have acquired new neighbors up stairs...very noisy jerks actually. yes, i have turned into one of those crazy old lady neighbors that bangs on the ceiling with her cane. also, because they got a warning about the noise they have decided to play the "i'll show you" game....not good. i DO NOT play well with others LOL, especially if you are creeps!.  because of the added anxiety my fibro has decided to flare quite badly. pain, yes, but mostly the good old brain fog and being soooo very tired. i am sleeping A LOT! this is just not a good time for that. i am on a mission you see. and the mission get my life down to the nitty gritty! with that comes purges and focus. out with what is bad for ME and focus on what is good for ME. it is all inclusive for me....mind, body and spirit. i hope to talk more about this as i take each step.

 today though, being a new month i have much to share with you about the ARTISTIC side of my life. i have taken on some new roles that, i think, really let me explore a hidden talent that has only been recently discovered....thanks to KAREN DIAMOND ♥. this new role, i think i have mentioned before is that of PRODUCT DESCRIPTION WRITER for digital artists. while i am still doing layouts for KAREN DIAMOND DESIGNS, AMY'S DESIGNS, JUST FOR FUN DESIGNS and MEMORY MUSE STUDIOS, i am also a description writer for the products of KAREN DIAMOND DESIGNS, THE SCRAPPY KAT, WENDY TUNISON DESIGNS and BEE TREE STUDIOS. it sounds like a huge amount when i type it all out LOL. this is definitely one reason for the whole nitty gritty crusade. so, it is a new month, what is going on with the artists i am "working" for. KELLY from JUST FOR FUN DESIGNS is coming back from a sports break so i look forward to seeing what she is up to. AMY of AMY'S DESIGNS has decided to take a much needed "family first" break....good for you amy! STEPHANIE from BEE TREE STUDIOS is working super hard to open her new store at SCRAPS N PIECES...WOOHOO! LYNDSEY from MEMORY MUSE STUDIOS has been super busy with some family events.

 so what do i have to show you? well, lets get to it! KAREN DIAMOND DESIGNS has a super awesome BITS N PIECES release called SEED SPITTING CONTEST. remember that each piece of BITS N PIECES are only $1 each.

here is what i did with this cute kit.

very cool right? and not a watermelon to be seen LOL. i love showing you how versatile kits can be. karen has another new release coming next week...a super cute kit with my favorite colors!.  she also just released something super fun that has so many possibilities.

Photo Props {S4H/S4O/PU}

images are linked to karens store.

i cannot wait to show you the new release from wendy tunison. 

can we say AMAZING!!!! sadly i have not gotten to work with this yet but i will for sure show you when i do.

boy i have really talked your ear off today so i will leave you with this....FIND YOUR LIFE WORTH LIVING and GET DOWN TO THE NITTY GRITTY♥