Monday, July 21, 2014


for the last 6 weeks i have had the amazing honor of participating in the SCRAPS N PIECES designer mentoring class. can i just say OH MY GUSH! i will honestly tell you there were tears involved! when you go into something thinking you know how to do something, well, watch out because you can easily find out you totally suck LOL. so anywho i learned so much amazing information from these amazing designers. i was lucky enough to have KAREN DIAMOND of KAREN DIAMOND DESIGNS as my mentor. she totally rocks as a teacher as well as a designer. so a great big THANK YOU KAREN!! a huge old hug and love goes out to lori and heidi and sue and everyone else who had a part in putting together this amazing adventure for so many of us. it was truly a MAJOR step in "finding MY life worth living". ♥

so today is the day that all of our hard work comes to fruition and we get to share it with the world!! and better yet? it is ALL FREE!!! WOOOOOOHOOO!  there are so many wonderful works of art from these amazing people that seriously, you really dont want to miss! and how, you might ask, do find all these lovelies? just head over to SCRAPS N PIECES and find the PHOTOSHOP CLASS GALLERY and start drooling and clicking because that is the only place right now to download. so let me show you what i was up to. now, be gentle and remember this is my first ever try at this stuff so dont expect too much HAHA.

so that is the preview for the whole bundle. i named my kit JUST because there is so much in my life and life in general that if we JUST concentrated of those things life would be so much better. i think i was able to show a little bit of my artsy side with this but my fun side too. we had time constraints on our work so there isnt everything i would have wanted in it but it has the main bits i think. the bundle preview is linked to my gallery to find the downloads. here is a closer look at the individual packs for you.


so? what do you think? i hope you head over to SCRAPS N PIECES to check out everyones hard work and get some goodies along the way.

here is the link again for you HERE and if you choose to work with my kit i would love to see your work. you can email me at or post it to my katkreations facebook page, i would love to see what you can do with it. enjoy ♥

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Come join karen on July 21 at 10pm EST at her Facebook Page Chatroom for a fun filled evening of Speed Scrapping!! This one will be a little different!! She will be teaching us how to blend background papers using photoshop brushes!! See you there!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Karen Diamond Designs has a new release for you today, Y Chromosome, part of Scraps N Pieces Bits N Pieces event.

This month's Bits N Pieces color palette of greens and browns was perfect for creating 'boy' kits, hence the name Y Chromosome. Let's have a look at Karen's Pieces.

Let's have a look at what the Treasured Gems have done with Y Chromosome





(also contains pieces of Honey Do from Leaving a Legacy Designs)


Didn't they do a wonderful job?

You can pick up each piece of Y Chromosome for $1 in Karen's store at Scraps N Pieces from June 1 through June 8.